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  • What is the tone of your Presentation?

    Presentations play a very important role especially when you have to create impression on others. Therefore, presentations need to be made with great care and high specificity. There are a number of software that have come in the market to help create slides that are more focused and keep the audience Read more...


    Killer Presentation Series Part 1

    Blog Pic As a listener we know how it is easy to speak when we know how easy it is to present the views on any the topic or the product. But is it really so? EveRead more...


    Handy Presentation - Tips and Hints

    Blog Pic You can enjoy your speaking opportunities and can engage with your audience with ease, here are some handy tips and hints to help you to feel at ease.

    Discover the Speaking Gig

    If you are going to engage with your audience then it is very important to feel Read more...


    Visual Stimulation in Light of Professional PowerPoint Presentations

    Blog Pic Visual Stimulation is a didactic that enhances the otherwise-traditional-textual learning. It provides a stimulating environment tranquilizing the visual system to react and sustain the impact of the visual experience during a professional PowerPoint presentation. 
    Human brain reacts to visual stimulation much faster than a written word. I would like to demonstrate this by asking you Read more...


    Does your Presentation look Good

    Blog Pic Choose a slide background and colors that are appropriate for the audience and comfortable for you. If you don’t know what the audience prefers or have never presented for this audience before, test some slides with a representative of the audience or someone who knows the audience well.img

    Conveying Data Visually through PowerPoint Presentations

    Blog Pic Have you ever pondered on when, how, and, how much visualizations should you use when presenting your much awaited PowerPoint presentation? No doubt there is no set rule for professional PowerPoint presentation. One should use visuals naturally in their presentations. Still, there are a few things, which you would do good to consider beforehand. Let’s discuss!
    A good PowerPoint presentatio


    Speak Visually through PowerPoint Presentation - Good Practices!

    Blog Pic Visuals or images in PowerPoint presentation can be very effective conveyors of your message. As a presenter you must have consumed lots of content on how to create a ppt, and similar stuff. Including images in PowerPoint must have been the main theme in many of those discussions. The topic has sufficient magnitude to be discussed in isolation as a separate technique, when you start ponderingRead more...


    Using visuals effectively in PowerPoint Presentations

    Blog Pic       The purpose of this PowerPoint presentation blog is to provide you with useful, comprehensive information to assist you in developing effective PowerPoint presentation design. A good presentation needs to be properly staged and concludedRead more...



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