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  • A presentation can change you

    Blog Pic Setting up for a presentation can be slightly stressful for new volunteers. At the time of presentation many things will ride in your mind like how you going to do everything, how well you can deliver. May be at the time of presentation you going to bow in front of your audience, is that really good approach or the problem is you are not sure where to begin.

    If you want to wow your audience than don’t think that much, you have to do is stand up and stand out.
    Here are some points to, how to deliver presentation in front of your audience and after that you can experience an immediate and dramatic improvement in yourself.  The time you standing and facing your audience tell yourself that you are excited because you get opportunity to speak in front of this group and after that use your excitement to empower you and help you to communicate to your audience with enthusiasm.
    Although everyone has their own style to communicate with others and has different presenting skills. At that time you need to do is be what you are and then capitalizing on your greatest delivery strengths. Focus on the real source of your power like different aspects of delivering speech, your style to use language, your body language, level of formality etc. As you know sometime “silence is better than speech’’, your silence can become your real strength at that time such as your facial expression, posture, gesture, movement, clothing, variety, proximity and sometimes your loudness or silent pauses can make your work.

    Presenter can’t expect an audience to be enthusiastic and exciting about a product you showcasing or program, this is your responsibility to make that product or topic star in the mind of audiences ultimately you become star of the show as well.

    You should take care never be negative and few actions or words not to deliver on stage like never say “I’m sorry my voice sound funny today because I’m not well” (apology) or “ I just not prepared for this topic much as I can” (excuse) or even “ I’m so nervous” (confession). Whatever is the situation mark it don’t use these types of statements.

    People are normally very bad listeners. Generally audience will forget everything what you say. You have to engage your audience in your presentation, for this getting them to participate in it.  

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