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  • Creation and assembling of visuals to the PowerPoint Presentation

    Blog Pic What is the Best way to display the information: Text, Graphs, Charts, Images Clip art?

    What is the consistency?
    Use the same font and color throughout the presentation? 
    Use the same color, format, pattern or ordering when referring to time periods, regions, male/female differences, and so on.

    Check for variety: Are there six text slides in a row when a graphic, flow chart, or diagram could tell the story better?
    Make sure the presentation fits in the allocated time. Aim to present one slide per minute, to and practice to find out how you do.

    What about the last word!
    Design an effective summary slide: What do you want your audience to remember? It is customary for the last slide or two to be a list of recommended actions, but don’t take this as a requirement.
    You can also use the opportunity to be innovative, such as by putting a human face on the numbers or referring to a local saying. Or you can end the presentation with one last compelling thought, such as letting the audience know the possible consequences of not taking action on a particular issue.

    Common Presentation problems and their solutions
    The presenter fails to motivate the audience in the first few minutes.
    People listen more intelligently if they know the significance of the information right up front, so give them the news very early in the presentation.

    The structure of the presentation is not clear from the beginning.
    Ask someone to review your presentation beforehand to ensure that an “outsider” can follow the data and arguments.

    A contents slide may not be necessary for a brief presentation, but the structure should be clear even without such a slide.

     Effective presentations start with a contents slide. This slide could, for example, provide a bulleted list of the presentation’s sections: objectives, research methods, major findings, program implications, and recommended actions.

    There are gaps in logic. Researchers are often so close to the material that they omit essential connections, especially when presenting a lot of material in a short period of time.

    The slides or overheads are illegible. Small fonts, overcrowded slides, and poor color combinations can hamper readability.

    The presentation goes into excessive detail. Including everything you know, rather than what is really relevant and essential, is a common error.

    Focus on your one to three main points and provide only the information needed to support these points.

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