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    Microsoft came up with slide show presentation in the year 1990. The need was felt and the company made immediate actions and made an official launch on 22 may that year. PowerPoint was a part of the Microsoft office suite. It was mainly designed for Macintosh computers. PowerPoint presentation is what we know now, the feature was initially called presenter. In the year 1987 presenter was renamed PowerPoint due to issues with trade mark. PowerPoint came up with many changes in the old versions and launched PowerPoint 97. The response of PowerPoint was great the users then said that the ease made the PowerPoint so popular. It saved a lot of time which was otherwise invested in making visuals aids, which were either typed or hand written, and then was shared on whiteboard or projectors. The PowerPoint has changed a lot even after that; free PowerPoint backgrounds are now available which makes the work of the presenter even easier.

    Presentations have been an integral part of business ever since the inception. The need has only increased over the years. The one who make a presentation are aware how much detailing and hard work goes into it. It involves time and cost to get a PPT together. Along with the text and basic information there is need for appropriate backgrounds and other such things. The free PowerPoint backgrounds are of great use here which help and do away with the tension of thinking and selecting an appropriate backdrop for your presentation. All you need to do is think of what you want and download a template that best suits your needs. These templates are made available to you free of cost and thus it also does not increase the company’s expenses.

    PowerPoint is great with so many features that the entire presenter’s work is made easy. The slides are a great source for providing information and all the features that are included helps in creating an effective impact and better communication and explanation of what is being shared. The media that can be included in the presentation are images, Graphs, Video, audio etc. The best feature here is that one can include even PDF and excel inside the slides that can be downloaded or used when one is on that particular slide. All these media can be included in the slide just with the click of a button. The free PowerPoint themes slides are made by professionals who are dedicated to the service and have experience. They know the need and importance of slides layout and has been designing the free PowerPoint themes keeping that in mind. All these slides are highly compatible with various devices like iPad, laptops, desk tops and even your smart phones. This compatibility allows the users to share the information with ease, this is sharing not just knowledge but the whole presentation which can be used for future reference. Downloading, saving, sharing these templates and the whole presentation put together is a child’s play now, all due to the various thought after designs and layouts.

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