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  • Tips on how to put together a successful seminar

    Blog Pic Objectives of Seminar 
    The prime goals of your meeting?
    What do you hope will happen as a result of the seminar? For instance, do you want to:

    • Heighten awareness of some findings?
    • Improve the audience’s understanding of specialized topics?
    • Bring about a specific change in policy?
    • Validate an existing policy or program?
    • Direct more resources or funding to a particular cause?

    1. Steps to plan a seminar  
    Before the seminar, communicate with other organizers to work out the logistics:

    • Select a convenient, central venue with facilities for presentations.
    • Determine the date, length, and opening time of the seminar.
    • Specify who the audience will be.
    • Estimate how many presentations will be given.
    • Provide presentation titles to organizers so that an agenda can be prepared.
    • Agree on how much time to allot for each presentation and discussion.

    Visit the rooms where the presentations will take place and the food will be served in order to assess whether the rooms will meet your needs.

    • Proper light facilities: Can you darken the room enough to see the projected screen?
    Do you need to hang curtains?

    • Power Connections: What is the voltage of the outlets? Are there sufficient outlets for your equipment? Where are they located? Will you need extra extension cords or voltage/plug adapters?

    • Audience Seating: How many people are expected? Are there enough chairs?
    What is the best arrangement for the audience so that they can see the speaker and the screen?

    • Audio System: Can a computer be placed next to the microphone so that the presenter can advance the slides himself? If not, who will advance the slides?
    Will the audience be able to see the presenter as well as the presentation?

    • Screen dimension and location: If the only screen available is the small model designed for slide projectors, try instead to project the presentations onto a white or pale-colored wall or hang a white flat sheet to maximize the size of the projected images.

    • Food Meal: Who is the food service coordinator? What dishes will be most appropriate for lunch? What snacks can you serve during breaks?
    Identify all the equipment and furniture (such as a podium with light and a small table for the projector and laptop) you will need.
    In the room where the meeting will be held, test all the equipment you plan to use at the seminar. Any issues that turn up may determine whether the presenters have to make changes in their presentations (such as changing font size and colors or the size of graphs).
    Assign a well-spoken individual who is familiar with the data to act as master of ceremonies for the entire seminar.
    Designate a media relations contact person to meet with the journalists before, during, and after   the seminar to discuss key findings and their implications.

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