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  • Uploading and Sharing PowerPoint Presentations Broadcast yourself or your organization!!

    Want to showcase yourself or your organization to the world, but not sure how? Tired of spamming your present and prospective partners and customers with e-mails, and looking for a refreshing and fun way to reach out to them?

    We have an interesting solution for these queries of yours, if you have content in the form of PowerPoint presentations, or at least, you have the will to prepare some! is committed to broadcast you or your organization to the world through PowerPoint presentations. Our slide sharing service allows you to upload and distribute your PowerPoint presentation on your website and preferred social media platforms. And the best part is this premium slide sharing service is completely free of charge.

    We have proven the greatest utility for sharing content. And we doesn’t have a minimalist interface like Google has. Google has justified its minimalistic approach with the kind of value it adds online. But, for corporate story telling it’s not sufficient, and keeping this in mind, we have evolved ourself over time, into an amazing marketing tool for your content marketing. One can perform a number of functions, which include:

    -    Searching more than 5 million PowerPoint presentations on various categories like business, education, science, entertainment, sports etc.

    -      Uploading and downloading presentations of varying formats like PPT, PPTX, ODP, etc.

    -      Embedding slide shows in one's own blog or website.

    -      Sharing slides and promoting them on the site

    -      Writing blogs on the topics that interest the user.

    -      Joining groups and connecting with vibrant and active members.

    Let’s check how you can use the convenience of Web 2.0 in a greater digital environment to showcase your product or services:


    Embedding your content in the form of PowerPoint presentations on your web site and other social media properties has manifold benefits. It helps feed:

    -      Your Social Media Marketing effort

    You want fresh and useful content to fuel your social media marketing effort. These PowerPoint presentations are readily available for you to push through your social media platforms in your social media strategy.

    -      Your SEO effort

    This content will let you specify your message with proper tags and descriptions. Google will love you for this and you know what this means.

    -      Your sales team with online lead generation possibilities

    Broadcasting yourself isn’t a big deal with! You needn’t be a tech-nerd for the basic requirement of uploading your presentation online. You already have content, and, the only thing you need to do is to grab the file of your PowerPoint presentation and click "upload".

    Presentations uploaded for sharing are converted to the Flash format. Although Flash does support transitions, animations and audio tracks, still in most cases the original effects are not preserved when you upload your presentations online.

    Following are the key attributes and features:

    Cloud-based: Upload your PowerPoint presentations on cloud and access your slides wherever you are. Isn’t it convenient?!

    Distribution: Embed your presentation on any website, blog or social media page or share your presentation with your network via e-mail.

    Access: Set your presentation as public, or private, to allow only selected viewers.

    Availability: Make your presentation easily available to the world for free download. We are sure, that, you want the world to notice your precious presentation!

    Analytics: Get detailed statistics on your viewers and how many times your presentation is downloaded by users. You can subscribe to our email notifications as per your requirement. This is so because, you may not want to clutter your mailbox with everything.

    We don’t only support standard PowerPoint presentations in their various formats, but can also import your presentation slides from other formats like: PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, POT, POTX, PDF, ODP, and, SWF.

    A couple of specifications:

    Upload formats: File types supported to submit your presentation on site include:


    Max file size: Maximum file size allowed uploading your presentation on site: 50MB

    We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to share and enhance the sharing and collaborative development of this resource.

    Happy Sharing!!

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