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  • Use of images in a PowerPoint presentation

    Blog Pic PowerPoint presentations are a great way to convey messages, both professionally and otherwise. They are a combination of text about the topic you wish to speak on, supported by a number of images, videos, audio files, themes, backgrounds and diagrams.
    Using images has a good effect on the message you want to get across. Images are used to support the message of the text visually, as it becomes easier for the audience to scan and understand an image in a glimpse rather than reading the entire text, which is rather tedious and boring. One should keep in mind that the images included just to compliment your presentation and not to be your presentation itself. If reading was the only option, your presence would not be required.  Make sure you present the idea in your speech than just text. Just reading out from the slides could put you in an embarrassing moment. People read faster than you speak and if you’re putting your main points on the slide and reading them, you’re already behind – which could be embarrassing at times.

    So use the images to just convey the message and not cram it with text for the audience to read through, which could turn out to be a lullaby for a section of your audience. Not only do we often put too much content on our slides, but with lots of text, there is strong risk that no one will remember anything that we presented. To have the best effect, create a compelling graph, a simple image portraying the message and it will be convincing for the audience.

    Images used in a PowerPoint presentation could be of two types: Vector images and Bitmap or Raster images.

    Raster Images
    Raster images or Bitmap images as they are widely known are digital images, made up of pixels. Enlarged versions, however, the dots of color become apparent. Below is a clear example of a raster image.

    Vector Images
    Unlike Bitmap images, vector images do not use pixels for image formation. Instead, they are a mathematical definition, as they comprise of paths, for the parameters of the image, where the start and the end point are clearly defined. A path could be anything from a line, a square, a triangle, or a curvy shape. From simple to complex, these paths could be used for all kinds of images. And since they are not made up of dots or pixels, they could be scaled to larger sizes without loosing image quality, and hence highly recommended for PPT presentations which are projected most of the times.

    PowerPoint templates come in as a great help to those who want to cut down on time fishing for images on the web or other sources.

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