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  • Use the Maps PowerPoint Template to share your travelling experience with the world

    More and more students are taking to travelling the world during a gap year, to enhance their knowledge of the planet they live on. Working, volunteering or just backpacking there’s no denying that a worldwide adventure is a life changing experience. The benefits of spending some time abroad are endless; you will acquire new skills, improve your time management, budgeting and risk assessment abilities. You’ll discover new cultures, experience other ways of life and open your mind to new experiences, and on top of that, you are sure to make new friends. This change in your routine will allow you to return to your studies or start your first job after the hard slog of education, with a much fresher mind. This is more beneficial to you and everyone around you. It’ll be a memory that you will keep with you forever, talking about it for years to come.

    Of course, once you have been through this wonderful experience, you will want to share everything you have been through with your friends and family. The Maps PowerPoint Template can help you do that. With high quality graphical features like images, videos, charts and graphs, you can create visually stunning memories which you will be able to keep forever. With each slide being fully editable, you can create a slideshow personalised just for you. Not only will you be able to remember what you got up to whilst you were away, you’ll also be able to recreate how you felt on your travels.

    Asia has rapidly become the hottest student travel destination. Thailand, Nepal and India have always been very popular but now Mongolia and Vietnam are also receiving lots of visitors. The wonderfully exciting culture, coupled with the stunning landscapes and amazing activities available, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing to flock there. During your travels in Asia, you can trek through the jungles to visit extremely old communities or raft, kayak or even move about on a motorbike – the possibilities for a new experience are never ending.

    The Asia PowerPoint Template is also fully editable which means you can make minor or major modifications of the fonts, colours and themes without undergoing any major hassle. The high definition layout captures the very essence of Asia in a way that will captivate your chosen audience. There’s nothing more heart-warming than looking back at photos of yourself in a beautiful foreign country.

    There are many travel themed slides available online; some free and some at a price, so if you are planning a trip abroad for a week or a year, using slides such as the Asia PowerPoint Template will result in something unexpected and amazing.

    So, recreate the magic of your trip anytime you want or tell your friends and family about this amazing trip you had few days back with these interactive and wonderful PowerPoint templates.
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