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  • Creation and assembling of visuals to the PowerPoint Presentation

    Blog Pic What is the Best way to display the information: Text, Graphs, Charts, Images Clip art?
    What is the consistency?Use the same font and color throughout the presentation? Use the same color, format, pattern or ordering when referring to time periods, regions, male/female differences, and so on.
    Check for variety: Are there six text slides in a row when a graphic, flow chart, or diagrRead more...


    Tips on how to put together a successful seminar

    Blog Pic Objectives of Seminar The prime goals of your meeting?What do you hope will happen as a result of the seminar? For instance, do you want to:
    • Heighten awareness of some findings?• Improve the audience’s understanding of specialized topics?• Bring about a specific change in policy?• Validate an existing policy or program?• Direct more resources or funding to a particular cause?
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