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  • Have a Grip with PowerPoint Tricks

    Millions of presentations have been created everyday where only less number of slides can perform well. One needs to have a grip with PowerPoint to make a presentation stunning. Microsoft’s PowerPoint 2013 is an img

    Delhi Assembly Election, 2013 – Inside the Room

    Delhi Legislative Assembly election was held on 4th Dec, 2013 and the result announced on 8th Dec, 2013. Bharatiya Janata Party won with 32 sRead more...


    Improve your Presentation now… find out how

    Many of the good presenters fail to make amazing presentation. Why? It’s because they think that making a faRead more...


    SlideIdea – An Another App for Presentations

    Blog Pic Slideidea is a fantastic presentation app that is designed for tablets with the help of which one can create mouse less and easy presentation on the move. Now therRead more...


    Handy Presentation - Tips and Hints

    Blog Pic You can enjoy your speaking opportunities and can engage with your audience with ease, here are some handy tips and hints to help you to feel at ease.

    Discover the Speaking Gig

    If you are going to engage with your audience then it is very important to feel Read more...


    Everyone Can Become A Great Presenter?

    Blog Pic Are you not confident enough of your plans of giving presentation and looking for new ideas to get the attention of audience?

    Time to scratch the Phenomenal Presentation…SERIOUSLY!

    You must search the new way to produce competent presentation skills. Therefore if you really want to get the attention of the viewers then you just need to work little harder. You just need tRead more...



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