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  • Building your brand with compelling visuals

    Blog Pic Like an experienced marketing professional, you need to define your target audience’s perspective in detail. You must be able to empathize with them to sell to them! To be able to do this, place yourselves in the shoes of your customers to formulate strategies that can penetrate the thought process of your customers and influence the all important purchasing decision.To be a successful marketRead more...


    Creation and assembling of visuals to the PowerPoint Presentation

    Blog Pic What is the Best way to display the information: Text, Graphs, Charts, Images Clip art?
    What is the consistency?Use the same font and color throughout the presentation? Use the same color, format, pattern or ordering when referring to time periods, regions, male/female differences, and so on.
    Check for variety: Are there six text slides in a row when a graphic, flow chart, or diagrRead more...


    Tips on how to put together a successful seminar

    Blog Pic Objectives of Seminar The prime goals of your meeting?What do you hope will happen as a result of the seminar? For instance, do you want to:
    • Heighten awareness of some findings?• Improve the audience’s understanding of specialized topics?• Bring about a specific change in policy?• Validate an existing policy or program?• Direct more resources or funding to a particular cause?
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    You are thoroughly ready for your presentation

    Blog Pic 1.Things to do before your Presentation
    Know the material well.• Learn about the audience. • Prepare speaking notes.• Practice in advance.•Read more...


    Does your Presentation look Good

    Blog Pic Choose a slide background and colors that are appropriate for the audience and comfortable for you. If you don’t know what the audience prefers or have never presented for this audience before, test some slides with a representative of the audience or someone who knows the audience well.img

    Creative Marketing through PowerPoint Presentations

    Blog Pic You delivered a presentation, which you think should have passed the scrutiny of any average audience. But, are you sure about your impact? Did you succeed in fulfilling the expectations of your audience? It’s difficult to make your sales pitch interesting. In business presentations, you explain your product and services, but, with the consent of your audience. You are liable to entertain, asRead more...



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