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    Custom Presentation - Customized PowerPoint Templates Design Services

    Customized PowerPoint templates are very prevalent. PPT templates are actually the layouts for making a presentation. These layouts offer various features to make a mundane and monotonous presentation live, attractive and interactive. The layouts make a presentation easily editable and customized PowerPoint templates have the caliber to add a personal touch to the presentations. Also, these custom PowerPoint templates can make a presentation catchy and attract several viewers.

    Through these customized templates, you can customize any of your presentation as per your choice. You can choose the image for your presentation either from our website or you can provide your own image to us. Also, these have high compatibility with MAC and Windows.


    • Deciding the master text and master title background designs
    • Considering the content type and amount that goes into the slides
    • Integrating and incorporating the company logo and other features that represent your corporate brand image
    • Decide a structure for your presentation so that the slides have a proper sequence
    • Maintain a consistent and appealing color palette for the entire presentation

    For getting a customized templates using images from our website, please follow these steps:

    1)  Click on www.slideworld.com and enter the keyword of your choice on the keyword field at the top of the page and then select ‘templates’ from the dropdown menu.

    2)  You will get a list of the available templates in our gallery as the result of your search. If you do not find the template of your choice, scroll down to see the section, which says ‘Did not find templates? Customize it now.

    3)  Select the images from the list or upload an image of your choice.

    4)  Choose the payment option and get your templates delivered to you.

    Image If you wish to customize your presentation with more personalized options than just the images, please fill in the form below and we will contact you to know your requirements. Alternatively, you can directly get in touch with someone in our Custom Template Design Services team either by sending an e-mail to mail@slideworld.com or by calling 813-995-4000.

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