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    People who carved the history list of famous people, mother Teresa, Madonna, Plato, Benjamin, Eisenstein, etc. list with name and brilliant pictures.famous people in row, top 30 famous people of all time.well known people with close ups. people and their close pictures.- Slides
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    Persuasive Techniques Sports figures promoting athletic gear, sports drinks, or shoes. Transfer. Using the names or pictures of famous people, but not direct quotations ...
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    Famous People Famous People
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    Funny aircraft scenes You don’t see that everyday presentation on adult funny pictures,cartoon funny pictures,clean funny pictures,cool funny pictures,crazy funny pictures,cute funny pictures,dirty funny pictures,funny animated pictures,funny picture,funny picture jokes,funny pictures,funny pictures cartoons,funny pictures of animals,funny pictures of dogs,hot funny pictures,jokes and funny pictures,jokes funny pictures,really funny pictures, very funny pictures ppt - Slides
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    unusual pictures some amazing but disturbing pictures.Pictures which are unusual in nature. Unusual photos taken at various times, pictures with a message in itself.- Slides
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    India Taj Mahal “India’s most famous architectural wonder and a tribute to beauty and undying love”
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    Famous German Actors and Actresses Famous German Actors and Actresses
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    Famous Latino Actors and Singers Famous Latino Actors and Singers
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    Famous World Leaders A slide show of famous leaders....can you name them all?- Slides
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