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    Basic Life Support CPR Even With Successful CPR, Most Won’t Survive Without ACLS . ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) ACLS includes defibrillation, oxygen, drug therapy
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    2010-2011 Calendar Options 2010-2011 Calendar Options
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    Bradycardia/ PEA/ Asystole (PowerPoint lecture) Bradycardia/ PEA/ Asystole Bradycardia/ PEA/ Asystole (PowerPoint lecture) Bradycardia/ PEA/ Asystole (practice stations) End of Day One . ACLS Certification Day One Agenda
    Downloads: 318
    Overview of ACLS Pharmacology and Update on New ACLS Guidelines Primary benefit: ?-vasoconstriction; ß-adrenergic activity controversial b/c ? myocardial work . WHEN? VF/VT, asystole, PEA, bradycardias
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    Maze-Solving Mindstorms NXT Robot Backtrack;. else. return; //No GOAL cell exists, so we exit ... Now we’ve backtracked to a square that might have an unexplored neighbor. Let’s check! ...

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