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    Basic Life Support CPR Even With Successful CPR, Most Won’t Survive Without ACLS . ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) ACLS includes defibrillation, oxygen, drug therapy
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    2010-2011 Calendar Options 2010-2011 Calendar Options
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    Bradycardia/ PEA/ Asystole (PowerPoint lecture) Bradycardia/ PEA/ Asystole Bradycardia/ PEA/ Asystole (PowerPoint lecture) Bradycardia/ PEA/ Asystole (practice stations) End of Day One . ACLS Certification Day One Agenda
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    Overview of ACLS Pharmacology and Update on New ACLS Guidelines Primary benefit: ?-vasoconstriction; ß-adrenergic activity controversial b/c ? myocardial work . WHEN? VF/VT, asystole, PEA, bradycardias
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    Advanced Cardiac Life Support 2008 There is little evidence that drugs are useful in treating ventricular fibrillation. Early defibrillation is the key treatment!
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    CPR AED amp Cardiac Arrest Demonstrate techniques of good CPR and use of an AED, using scenarios. ... The AED should be applied as soon as possible to the patients bare chest ...
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    ACLS PSVT; 6-12-12 mg; :WPW with Af; ? Tachycardia : atrial flutter,Af, Atrial tachycardia; SVT, VT

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