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    Drugs for Congestive Heart Failure Therapeutic Use . Dobutamine: management of acute failure only . Dopamine: restore renal blood in acute failure
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    Acute Renal Failure renal failure- Slides
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    Acute Renal Failure ARF and Sepsis The study of knockout mice, in which the expression of either endothelial NO synthase or inducible NO synthase has been ablated, has been helpful in ...
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    Hypertension Management for Elderly Patients 32 Especially among older persons, SBP is a better predictor of events (coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, heart failure, stroke, end-stage renal disease ...
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    Delirium A cute metabolic (electrolytes, acidosis,, renal failure, abnormal glycemic control, pancreatitis, ) T rauma (head injury, pain, fracture, concealed bleed, burns)
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    Cardiorenal syndrome classification Abrupt worsening of renal function (e.g. acute kidney ischaemia or glomerulonephritis) causing acute cardiac disorder (e.g. heart failure, arrhythmia, ...
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    Chapter 51 Diuretic Agents Edema associated with congestive heart failure; Acute pulmonary edema; Liver disease (including cirrhosis) Renal disease; Hypertension; Conditions that cause hyperkalemia
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    Acute Kidney Injury Dopamine; Low dose Dopamine (2-3mcg/kg/min), known as “renal dose” No effect on mortality or need for Renal replacement therapy
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    Massive Blood Transfusion As a result, metabolic alkalosis can occur if the renal ischemia or underlying renal disease prevents the excess bicarbonate from being excreted in the ...
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    Renal Function Tests an overview. renal function tests- Slides
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