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    Building Leadership Skills Leading Teams Building Leadership Skills: Leading Teams
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    Emergency Drug Review Known bicarbonate responsive acidosis; On return of ROSC following long arrest; Intubated pt with long arrest interval; PEA/DKA; TCA OD; Metabolic acidosis
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    Emergency Drug Review Adenosine. Dose 6mg rapid IVP followed by 20ml saline flush. ... Adenosine. Practice points. Brief periods of asystole are common; Pts on theo may require ...
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    Obstetrical Emergencies Present as cyclical pain, amenorrhea, and occasional urinary symptoms. ... Amenorrhea. Bleeding/Spotting Abdominal Pain. Complications of Pregnancy ...
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    CFR EMT AEMT BLS Adult Major Trauma Protocol Ejection or partial ejection from an automobile ... crash victims who are involved in rollover accidents ... Valvular heart disease or replacement; History of ...

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