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Downloads: 367
Bluetooth and Java A Perfect Match Bluetooth, sharing device, java, java for communication- Slides
Downloads: 1015
Computer Interfaces RF tags, Blackberry, Bluetooth technology, mobile devices, consumer electronics, interactive screens, embedded technology
Downloads: 1254
Bluetooth Introduction; Structure; Exampling; Why Bluetooth; Bluetooth vs. IR. Introduction ... Bluetooth 2+ EDR. 1 Mbps. 10m. 2.4 GHz. Bluetooth. Speed. Distance ...
Downloads: 998
Dealing with network security incidents by Gorazd Božic computer network security,firewall network security,network security attacks,network security audit,network security issues,network security management,network security policy,network security ppt,network security risk,network security risks,network security solution,network security solutions,network security technology,network security threat,network security threats,network security tools,wireless network security,network security- Slides
Downloads: 4638
network security network and security wireless network security networking security computer network security it network security network security,network and security,wireless network security,networking security,computer network security,it network security- Slides
Downloads: 309
Bluetooth The following series of slides illustrate how Bluetooth devices connect into Piconets (a Master device with 1 to 7 Active Slave devices) and Scatternets ...
Downloads: 518
Advanced Network Technologies Division Wide variety of access network technologies including cellular (2G, 2.5G, 3G), wireless (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Bluetooth, UWB) and wired (DSL, cable modems, ...
Downloads: 560
Information Security Governance—Top Actions for This publication is designed for Certified Information Security Managers (CISMs) , Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and information security ...
Downloads: 1734
BLUETOOTH Bluetooth operates in the free 2.4GHz ISM (Industrial,Scientific, ... b) Pico- net: 8 Bluetooth devices can communicate in a small network ...
Downloads: 2395
An Introduction to BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY “Bluetooth wireless technology is an open specification for a low-cost, low- power, ... Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology. ...
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