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    Anesthesia with Cardiac Tamponade ... the definitive and effective therapy for tamponade. Anesthesia plan is important for the patients with cardiac tamponade. If general anesthesia is needed, adequate monitors ...
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    Pediatric Anesthesia Pediatric Anesthesia Source: Blackwell Publishing Author(s): E. Sumner ISSN: 11555645 EISSN: 14609592 Devoted to the publication of information of interest and importance to ...
    Downloads: 763 Master-level programs have a range of nursing specialties (nurse educator, nurse-midwifery, forensic, nurse practitioner, anesthesia, etc.)
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    Prevention of Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Lower Ext “…the enormity of the global burden of diabetic foot disease…this much neglected , but potentially devastating, complication of a disease that is reaching ...
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    Postpartum Hemorrhage PPH overdistention of the uterine (hydramnios, multiple pregnancy, macrosomia ) condition that interfere with contraction(leiomyomas) complications(PIH,anaemia, placenta ...
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    Ascaris Lumbricoides Thus complications of ascariasis, such as intestinal obstruction, appendicitis, biliary ascariasis, perforation of the intestine, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and ...
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    Polycystic Kidney Disease Recommended to treat or prevent pain, UTI, hypertension, or renal malignancy . Lifetime follow up despite involution or nephrectomy secondary to complications

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