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KINGDOM MONERA Eubacteria – This group includes the traditional bacteria and is the largest Bacteria are the oldest and most abundant organisms living on the Earth.
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Business Ethics PPT, Social Responsibility PPT, Diversity Powerpoint Business Ethics PPT, Social Responsibility PPT, Diversity Powerpoint
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Microsoft Live edu Microsoft Live@edu er en blanding af Windows Live og Microsoft Office Live Workspace målrettet uddannelsesorganisationer, og det rummer mulighederne fra de ...
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MICROBIOLOGY Antibiotic = ‘metabolic product of fungi, actinomycetes or bacteria that kills or inhibits the growth of other micro-organisms’ Antimicrobial = Derived from natural ...
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Stem Cells and Animal Cloning Gizmo and Little Gizmo . Mango and Peaches . Reproductive Cloning: When cloning results in an organism
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Phylum Porifera Phylum Cnidaria a new sponge organism, something not possible with animals that have. tissues. Sponges are aquatic, largely marine animals, with a great diversity in size, ...

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