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    Downloads: 11575
    Real Time Face Recognition Face recognition software, face recognition concept, problems with face recognition, face recognition pros and cons, face recognition technology demerits- Slides
    Downloads: 19423
    Face recognition technology face recognition technology, face recognition in poor illumination, face recognition with different expressions, challenges to face recognition, face recognition technology pros and cons, face recognition technology concept- Slides
    Downloads: 750
    A survey of Face Recognition Technology face recognition technology, challenges in face recognition, face recognition in various poses, face recognition in poor illumination- Slides
    Downloads: 617
    Face Recognition A Literature Review Face Recognition: A Literature Review
    Downloads: 498
    Downloads: 1852
    Iris Recognition Iris Recognition
    Downloads: 581
    Automatic Speech Recognition Automatic Speech Recognition
    Downloads: 668
    Funny Faces funny faces around the many different things can look like faces?...
    Downloads: 320
    Face Recognition Technology By this we can detect any face by image It is widely used by intelligence- Slides
    Downloads: 367
    Funny faces View some funny faces.
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