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    Famous People with Disabilities Actors and Actresses. Chris Burke Mental Retardation (Down syndrome); Cher Learning disability (dyslexia); Tom Cruise Learning disability (dyslexia) ...
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    MENTAL RETARDATION home living (helping to set the table, cleaning the house, or cooking dinner); ... How can kids learn about mental retardation? Kids Quest on Disability and Health
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    Educable Mental Retardation as a Disability Tier II efforts were addressed & documented. Teacher used data-based problem- solving approach to address concerns; Teacher consulted with experienced ...
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    Moderate Mental Retardation Metabolic disorders (Phenylketonuria) Chromosomal abnormalities and syndromes (Down Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Williams Syndrome)
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    Career Counseling Strategies and Techniques for Given the relationship between work and mental health, it is perplexing that there has been an artificial distinction between career counseling and mental ...

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