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    MENINGITIS For bacterial meningitis, it is also important to know which type of bacteria is causing the meningitis because antibiotics can prevent some types from
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    Bacterial Meningitis PowerPoint Presentation on Bacterial Meningitis
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    Diagnosis of Acute Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke Subarachnoid hemorrhage; Meningitis; Drug overdose; Toxic-metabolic insult; Seizure with postictal state; Subclinical status epilepticus . Transient ? LOC. Seizure; Syncope
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    BACTERIAL MENINGITIS When patient presents symptoms of Meningitis, a sample of CSF is acquired from a spinal tap, which is then analyzed for bacterial presence. ...
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    N. meningitidis - Meningitis N. gonorrheae - Gonorrhea ... microthrombi, myocardial dysfunction; C3a, C5a, inflammatory mediators cause vasodilatation, capillary leakage; hypoperfusion = shock

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