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mems about nano tecnology using mems- Slides
Downloads: 404
The Ipod Nano Second Generation The Ipod Nano : Second Generation
Downloads: 761
Nano technology ppt Nano technology presentation- Slides
Downloads: 903
Alternatively Satellite Communication Systems In Alternatively Satellite Communication Systems Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya - Short Overview. Requirements on satellite communication for (animate) moorings ...
Downloads: 653
Satellite - Mobile Broadcasting XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio: each offers seamless mobile services (SDARS 1) throughout the USA in S band (2.3 GHz)
Downloads: 1528
Superconductivity Lossless energy conduction; Miniaturization (downtown and in space) Effective Transportation (MagLevs) Strong Magnetic Fields (fusion, MRI) Thin Film detector technology/nano-tech
Downloads: 1248
Wireless Networking This slide for the Mobile Satellite Communication- Slides
Downloads: 1494
artificial satellites PowerPoint Presentation on artificial satellites
Downloads: 3008
Artificial satellites a brief discussion about artificial satellites..- Slides
Downloads: 289
Sirius Satellite Radio SIRI Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI)
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