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    REAL NUMBERS REAL NUMBERS. (as opposed to fake numbers?) Two Kinds of Real Numbers. Rational Numbers. Irrational Numbers. Two Kinds of Real Numbers. Rational Numbers ...
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    Section 1.4 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Properties of Real Numbers; Simplifying Algebraic Expressions; The Distributive Property; Combining Like Terms. Properties of real numbers a, b and c ...
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    Linear Inequalities The absolute value of a real number denoted by , is given by. Examples. ... Properties of Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities. Let p > 0. Then ...
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    History of numbers history of numbers,numbers,...........- Slides
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    Fourth normal form 4NF each patient suffers from a number of diseases (independently of doctors) and each disease is treated by a number of doctors (independently of the patients
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    Integers and the Number Line Although only a portion of the number line is shown, the arrowheads indicate that the line and the set of numbers continue ...

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