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    Improving the way you speak English Improving the way you speak English
    Downloads: 462
    Grammar Sections ... various sections devoted to conversation, common mistakes in spoken English, American Idioms, American Slang expressions, proverbs for daily conversation, movie reviews ...
    Downloads: 716
    Word Stress and Sentence Stress Sentence stress is the music of spoken English. Like word stress, sentence stress can help you to understand spoken English, especially when spoken fast. ...
    Downloads: 795
    English speaking countries English speaking countries
    Downloads: 3106
    Teaching English Grammar english grammar,english lessons,english teaching,grammar lessons,learn english grammar,learning english grammar,teaching english grammar,teaching english grammer- Slides
    Downloads: 19784
    Presentation Skills ppt, Presentation Skill PowerPoint Slide Presentation Skills, Presentation Skills ppt, speaking in public, public speaking- Slides
    Downloads: 481
    NES Non-English Speaker LES Limited English Speaker FES Fluent English S NES: Non-English Speaker LES: Limited English Speaker FES: Fluent English Speaker (Vocabulary of approximately 500 words)
    Downloads: 948
    international negotiation and international communication speaks about the negotiation difference between cross culture - Slides
    Downloads: 390
    diversity in culture public speaking and debating- Slides
    Downloads: 716
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