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Islam and its culture Islam and its history, value and culture. Islam culture and values, Islamic traditions,history of islam,islam beliefs,islam books,islam god,islam hadith,islam muslims,islam people,islam prophet,islam quran,islam religion,mohammed islam,muhammad islam,shia islam,sufi islam, islam ppt- Slides
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HUKUM ISLAM Dg berlakunya hk adat bg bangsa indonesia n hk agama bg pemeluknya, ... Hk islam berlaku bg org islam kalau ia sdh ditrima o/ n tlah menjadi hk adat mereka ...
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Islam's Contributions to World Civilization - Dr. Sabeel Ahmed Islam's Contributions to World Civilization - Dr. Sabeel Ahmed. Slides present the wonderful achievements in various fields of science by Muslim scientists. Their spark was the command from the Quran and from the example of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to gain knowledge, research, think, ponder. For more info on Islam: Need free Quran and Islamic literature: 800-662-ISLAM Want to embrace Islam? 800-662-ISLAM Contact us: - Slides
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Bismillah ISLAM. Islam. Islam. It is the message that all the prophets taught ... We learn all about Islam. At the Mosque. We meet each other. Islam ...
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SISTEM EKONOMI ISLAM Paradigma Hukum Alam SISTEM EKONOMI ISLAM (Paradigma Hukum Alam)
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Pendekatan Filologi dalam studi Islam Pendekatan Filologi dalam studi Islam
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Islam and Human Rights Islamic concept of human rights – historical and philosophical debates on whether Islam has a particular concept of human right and whether Islamic religion ...

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