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    Introduction to English Literature Introduction to English Literature. Lin Yupeng. August, 2004. I. Why We Study English and American Literature; II. How to Study English and American ...
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    Writing a Compare Contrast Essay Writing a Compare/Contrast Essay. American Literature. World Literature. Drafting the Essay. Remember the overall structure: Four Paragraphs TOTAL ...
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    American Literature 1700-1820 American Literature 1700-1820. The Enlightenment and the. Age of Reason. Let’s Party Like It’s 1699! 18th century was a period of major change in American ...
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    D. H. Lawrence (Lawrence “Nathaniel Hawthorne and The Scarlet Letter” Studies in Classic American Literature ). Mind vs. Blood. “The brain is. . . the terminal instrument ...
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    American Literature Realism and Naturalism American Literature Realism and Naturalism. Realism, n. The art of depicting nature as it is seen by toads. The charm suffusing a landscape painted by a ...
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    EARLY AMERICAN LITERATURE 1620–1820 The Puritans had a firm belief in the concept of “spiritual warfare,” an idea still deeply rooted in American culture. The Puritans thought of themselves as ...
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