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    PYOGENIC LIVER ABSCESS An abscess appears radiographically as a fluid collection with surrounding edema and inflammation that may contain loculated subcollections. ...
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    Pyogenic Liver Abscess Apr 4, 2007 ... “Pyogenic Liver Abscesses Caused by Klebsiella pneumonia: US Appearance ... Retrospective 120 pts with pyogenic liver abscess; Ultrasound, ...
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    DM FOOT ULCER no deep abscess, osteomyelitis, gangrene ? limb- threatening : extensive cellulitis, deep abscess, osteomyelitis, gangrene, prominant
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    THE LIVER STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION ... liver is only lightly innervated and such innervation as there is does not seem to play a significant role - as witnessed by the normal function of the liver transplant
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    STAPHYLOCOCCI 4 wound inf., abscesses 5 spread via lymphatic and blood ways ... tongue); dentoalveolar abscesses, periapical abscesses; acute, chronic osteitis ...
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    Necrotizing Fasciitis ... Face/Neck: progressive dental infections, peritonsillar abscess, salivary gland infections, cervical adenitis, otologic sources ...

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