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    PROM and PPROM ... , antibiotic therapyprolong pregnancies in PPROM,Chorioamnionitis?neonatal sepsis? ...
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    Antibiotics inhibiting Protein Synthesis Describes antibiotics that act via inhibiting bacterial protein sythesis- Slides
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    Antimicrobial Drugs Proposals to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance . Use more narrow spectrum antibiotics; Use antimicrobial cocktails
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    Acute otitis media and mastoiditis extended antibiotic treatment; Otoscope and audiometric tests should be performed 3-4 weeks following apparent resolution of the acute infection ...
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    Drugs Acting on the Respiratory System ... slight sedation; Some antihistamines may interact with antifungal, e.g. ketoconazole; antibiotics, e.g. erythromycin; prokinetic drug-- cisapride or grapefruit juice ...
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    Acute Cough Antibiotics appear to have a modest beneficial effect in patients who are diagnosed with acute bronchitis. The magnitude of this benefit, however, ...

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