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    The Atoms Family The Atoms Family was created by Kathleen Crawford, 1994 Presentation developed by Tracy Trimpe, 2006, The Atoms Family
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    Thomson’s “plum pudding” model of the atom . 1910-1911 Rutherford, Geiger Thomson’s “plum pudding” model of the atom . 1910-1911: Rutherford, Geiger and Marsden clarify internal structure of atom by scattering of positively charged ?-particles
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    Processor cores Processor cores
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    Deterministic Quantum Teleportation with Atoms Deterministic Quantum Teleportation with Atoms
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    J.J. Thomson Thomson developed a new model for atomic structure called the “plum pudding” model. He suggested that the atoms of a particular element would have a specific number ...
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    JJ Thomson JJ Thomson
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    Dalton’s Atomic Theory Give the symbol and atomic number for each of the elements. Determine whether the element is a metal or a nonmetal. Also, determine what family it belongs ...
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    Essential Introduction to Computers The six primary components of a computer are input devices, the processor ( control unit and arithmetic/logic unit), memory, output devices, storage devices , ...
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    University of Plymouth and PC Power Management Deployed 2nd generation leased fleet of 4800 PCs introducing Dual Core processors and Intel vPro technology – specifically Active Management Technology, ...
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    Chapter 2 – Hardware and Software Concepts 2.3.8 Direct Memory Access (DMA) 2.3.9 Peripheral Devices 2.4 Hardware Support for Operating Systems 2.4.1 Processor 2.4.2 Timers and Clocks
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