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Polymer and Polymer Processing Polymer and Polymer Processing
Downloads: 931
Polymer Chemistry Colloid and Polymer Science - a leading international journal of longstanding tradition - is devoted to colloid and polymer science and its ...
Downloads: 705
Green Architecture ... mats for slope, channel, and shoreline erosion control needs, ranging from photodegradable or 100% biodegradable temporary, lightweight straw blankets to heavy-duty coconut ...
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Introduction to polymers Introduction to polymers
Downloads: 295
Biomolecules Amino Acids, Peptides, and Protein Proteins and peptides are amino acid polymers in which the individual amino acid units, called residues, are linked together by amide bonds, ...
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Biochemistry Macromolecules, Proteins, Amino Acids Biochemistry Macromolecules, Proteins, Amino Acids. Introduction to Biochemistry. Most biologically important macromolecules are polymers,

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