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  • Powerpoint Slides : bluetooth based smart sensor networks >> Browse by Author >> Browse by Institute
    Downloads: 405
    NeSSI Wireless Sensor Actuator Networking Marc Mar 7, 2001 ... Open standards-based wireless sensor network; Bluetooth-based wireless sensor/ actuator “Node”; Programmable “Smart” Sensor I/O device so ...
    Downloads: 562
    Embedded Systems and Sensor Networks Embedded Systems and Sensor Networks
    Downloads: 315
    Security in Wireless Sensor Networks Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Downloads: 518
    Advanced Network Technologies Division Wide variety of access network technologies including cellular (2G, 2.5G, 3G), wireless (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Bluetooth, UWB) and wired (DSL, cable modems, ...
    Downloads: 1003
    Spend Smart to Grow Smart PowerPoint Presentation on Spend Smart to Grow Smart
    Downloads: 367
    Bluetooth and Java A Perfect Match Bluetooth, sharing device, java, java for communication- Slides
    Downloads: 1015
    Computer Interfaces RF tags, Blackberry, Bluetooth technology, mobile devices, consumer electronics, interactive screens, embedded technology
    Downloads: 1254
    Bluetooth Introduction; Structure; Exampling; Why Bluetooth; Bluetooth vs. IR. Introduction ... Bluetooth 2+ EDR. 1 Mbps. 10m. 2.4 GHz. Bluetooth. Speed. Distance ...

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