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CC Chest Pain HPI Patient began to complain of substernal 8/10 chest pain CC: Chest Pain HPI: Patient began to complain of substernal 8/10 chest pain at approximately 9pm the night prior to presentation to ER.
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Donna's ppt - Chest Trauma PowerPoint Presentation on Donna's ppt - Chest Trauma
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Maxillofacial trauma Endotracheal intubation Needed with multiple injuries, extensive soft tissue destruction and for serious injury that require artificial ventilation
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Gustilo Classification for Open Fractures Neurovascular injury (NV) NV1 No neurovascular injury. NV2 Isolated nerve injury. NV3 Localized vascular injury. NV4 Combined neurovascular injury
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Cell Injury PowerPoint Presentation on Cell Injury
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Donna's Ppt - Head Injury PowerPoint Presentation on Donna's Ppt - Head Injury
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Upper Airway Obstruction High WBC count with left shift suggest bacterial superinfection . X-ray of Neck “Steeple sign” Chest Xray Airtrapping pulmonary infitrate
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Normal Chest X-ray Recognition of structures Normal Chest X-ray Recognition of structures A.J. Chandrasekhar M.D Professor of Medicine Loyola University of Chicago.
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LEPTOSPIROSIS X-ray of chest: scattering spotty and small fasciola shadow. dyspnea, ... renal injury: proteinuria,; RBC, WBC, cast,; oliguria,azotemia,uremia. ...
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Fluid resuscitation of trauma patients how fast Each injury is assigned an Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) score and is ... The Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) is an anatomical scoring system first ...
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