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    Topic Medical History taking , physical exam a Acromegaly; Cushing's syndrome; Parkinson's disease; cranial nerve palsies; parotid enlargement; ptosis of Horner's syndrome. Oral premalignancy ...
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    Peripheral nervous system sensory and autonomic ganglia, peripheral nerves Peripheral nervous system: sensory and autonomic ganglia, peripheral nerves. collections of nerve cell bodies = ganglia collections of axons = nerves
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    The Muscular System Carpal Tunnel Syndrome . repetitive motions causes inflammation and pressure on median nerve
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    Cardiac Muscle Contraction ... the autonomic stimulation, slowing heart rate and causing vagal tone (used to describe the vagus nerve’s involvement of the inhibition of heart beat) ...
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    MYASTHENIA GRAVIS Loewi(1932)noted acetylcholine is neuromuscular transmission in cardiac muscle , Sir Henry Dale(1935)noted acetylcholine is liberated at motor nerve ...
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    Cell Communications and Signal Transduction The release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction is a form of paracrine signalling because the nerve terminal releases a chemical (i.e., ...
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    Physical Hazards Noise, Radiation, and Ergonomics Carpal tunnel syndrome - compressed median nerve due to swelling of the tendon sheath ; Prolonged flexing of the wrist - typing

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