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    Computer Science Fundamentals Intro to Computer Science 06-19336.1 Introductory overview of computer science using the notion of algorithm as the unifying concept; Part i2: Computer hardware structure
    Downloads: 442
    WiMAX Introduction ... Data encryption using the Data Encryption Standard (DES) or Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) , both much more secure than the Wireless Equivalent ...
    Downloads: 297
    Data Warehouse Data Mart Structured extensible data model; Data warehouse model aligns with the business structure. Logical transformation of op. data ...
    Downloads: 1342
    Introduction to QSAR Quantitative Structure Activity Introduction to QSAR Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships- QSAR Quantitative Structure Property Relationships- QSPR
    Downloads: 509
    Overview of cellular system Advanced mobile phone service (AMPS) uses FDMA. Limitation: low calling capacity , limited spectrum, poor data communications, ...

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