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    Tutorial 5 Assembly Language and Instruction Set AAS (ASCII adjust AL after subtraction ) (AAS); AAM(ASCII adjust AL after multiplex) (AAM); AAD(ASCII adjust AL after divination ) (AAD). Decimal ...
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    Data Representation in Computer Systems IT511 Computer Understand the fundamentals of numerical data ... floating-point calculations using any integer format. This ... to an 8-bit code, Extended Binary-Coded Decimal Interchange Code ...
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    Scientific Notation and Significant Figures 1) Determine the precision (decimal places) of each addend. ... 3) Round your answer to the least amount of precision of your addends… ...
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    Positional Number Systems Decimal, Binary, Octal Binary Numbers. The “base” is 2 instead of 10; Meaning: the weights are powers of 2 instead of powers of 10. Digits are called “bits,” for “binary digits.” ...

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