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Relevant Medical History Extra Oral Examination Intra Oral Examination S Relevant Medical History: Extra Oral Examination: Intra Oral Examination: Soft Tissues: Oral Hygiene: Dental Health: Teeth present:
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PERIODONTAL PATHOLOGY I) GINGIVAL DISEASE A) Dental plaque induced 1) Gingivitis associated with dental plaque only | 2) Gingival diseases modified by systemic factors
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Dental Caries Dental Caries () ? ? Tel 02988088507
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Ameloblastoma Marxd? ???? 34?? ??? ??? ameloblastoma? ???? ?????? margin?? 2.3-8.0mm?? amelblastoma? extension? ????? ?????? ...
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Oral histology dentine dental pulp Oral histology: dentine dental pulp
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Core Health Indicators Rheumatic fever and Rheumatic heart diseases cases and deaths. v Cerebrovascular disease cases and deaths v Hypertension cases and deaths
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Necrotizing Fasciitis ... Face/Neck: progressive dental infections, peritonsillar abscess, salivary gland infections, cervical adenitis, otologic sources ...

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