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    Acute Kidney Injury Dopamine; Low dose Dopamine (2-3mcg/kg/min), known as “renal dose” No effect on mortality or need for Renal replacement therapy
    Downloads: 392
    Drugs for Congestive Heart Failure Therapeutic Use . Dobutamine: management of acute failure only . Dopamine: restore renal blood in acute failure
    Downloads: 1202
    Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Goal: stabilize patient until definitive surgical repair Pulmonary vasodilators: inhaled nitric oxide Inotropes, systemic vasoconstrictors: dobutamine, dopamine, epinephrine
    Downloads: 560
    Tourette Syndrome Tourette Syndrome Diagnosed . Abnormal metabolism of chemical dopamine . Demonstrates involuntary movements
    Downloads: 536
    Gene-Environment and Gene-Gene Interactions Dopamine D 1 receptor densities . After open-field testing animals were killed by halothane overdose, and the brains removed with caudate-putamen and nucleus accumbens ...
    Downloads: 476
    Direct and Rescue PTCA GP IIb/IIIa receptor blockers (GRAPE, AMIRAL, CADILLAC) 2nd generation . half-dose lytic (PACT) half-dose lytic + abciximab (GUSTO-V, ASSENT-3)

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