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    Training Distal tibia/fibula fractures d. Femur fractures e. Skull fracture . 07-6 Training Materials Quiz: PHTLS Training 2: Kinematics of Trauma, Pt. 2
    Downloads: 1288
    Fracture Healing and Bone Grafting Fracture Healing and Bone Grafting
    Downloads: 305
    Basics of fracture management fracture management- Slides
    Downloads: 285
    Evaluation and Management of Pediatric Neck mass Apr 23, 2003 ... Viral Adenitis. Most common infectious process in the neck. Rhinovirus, adenovirus, enterovirus. Infectious Mononucleosis ...
    Downloads: 323
    Head and Neck Embryology Usually from muscular hypertrophy or lymphangioma . Microglossia; Associate with micrognathia and limb defects (Hanhart’s syndrome) Bifid or Cleft Tongue (Glossochisis

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