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    Donna's Ppt - Head Injury PowerPoint Presentation on Donna's Ppt - Head Injury
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    Delirium A cute metabolic (electrolytes, acidosis,, renal failure, abnormal glycemic control, pancreatitis, ) T rauma (head injury, pain, fracture, concealed bleed, burns)
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    TRAUMA KEPALA AMBO DALLE. HEAD INJURY. Trauma pada kepala dapat menyebabkan fraktur pada tengkorak dan trauma jaringan lunak / otak atau kulit seperti kontusio / memar ...
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    Maxillofacial trauma Endotracheal intubation Needed with multiple injuries, extensive soft tissue destruction and for serious injury that require artificial ventilation
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    Gustilo Classification for Open Fractures Neurovascular injury (NV) NV1 No neurovascular injury. NV2 Isolated nerve injury. NV3 Localized vascular injury. NV4 Combined neurovascular injury
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    Cell Injury PowerPoint Presentation on Cell Injury
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    Gargoyle Heads Gargoyle Heads

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