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    PCRRT on ECMO Mixed metabolic and respiratory acidosis; hypotension; need for blood transfusions with secondary hypocalcemia and hyperkalemia
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    Hyperkalemia . Hypokalemia . Respiratory alkalosis (P CO2) Respiratory aci Hyperkalemia . Hypokalemia . Respiratory alkalosis (?P CO2) Respiratory acidosis (?P CO2) Metabolic alkalosis (?[HCO 3 –]) Metabolic acidosis
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    Neonatal Hyperkalemia ... Transcellular redistribution of K. Acute tissue breakdown Transfusion of red cells with high K levels. Gordon syndrome (hypertension with hyperkalemic acidosis)
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    Hyperkalemia and hypokalemia can Disrupt electric Hyperkalemia and hypokalemia can: Disrupt electrical conduction in the heart; Lead to sudden death; Hydrogen ions shift in and out of cells
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    Chapter 51 Diuretic Agents Edema associated with congestive heart failure; Acute pulmonary edema; Liver disease (including cirrhosis) Renal disease; Hypertension; Conditions that cause hyperkalemia
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    Crush Injuries and Rhabdomyolysis prevents tubular precipitation ; reduces risk of hyperkalemia from damaged mm; corrects acidemia; not proven beneficial however not deleterious
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    Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Decreased secretion of aldosterone results in salt loss with hyponatremia and hyperkalemia; plasma renin activity is therefore elevated. In partial enzyme deficiencies ...

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