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Internet Basics Internet Basics Terminology Click the screen to advance slides. Click again to see the definition.
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CHAPTER 1 Chapter 1: Computer, Internet, Web, and E-Mail Basics. 2. 1. Chapter Contents. Section A: Computer Basics; Section B: Internet Basics; Section C: Web Basics ...
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History of the Internet and Internet Basics History (1983) MILNET split from ARPANET (1983) Desktop computers with UNIX operating systems appeared (1985) The NSF got involved by linking a major network (NSFNET) to ...
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Computer and Internet Basics Computer and Internet Basics. Unit A. 2. Objectives. Define Computers; Explore Computer Functions; Categorize Computers; Examine Personal Computer Systems ...
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Internet Basics Your computer uses some kind of data line (phone or cable) to connect to an internet service provider (ISP) running a group of computers. ...
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Internet Basics antivirus program . a utility that searches electronic files for computer viruses and removes any found.
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Internet Basics What is the internet? A system of interconnected ; computers that share information. Also known as:-WWW-Web-‘Net . Things that are not the web:-Local Area Network LAN
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Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), Internet Explorer 5.5 or hig Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher # Internet Software . Windows 2000 (any version), Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 Server
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Networking Networking. Basic network components and layered architecture; Internet and WWW basics; IP, TCP, URL, HTTP. Jean Walrand, Communication Networks, ...
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Data Communication Basics Data Communication Basics
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