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    Welcome and Introductions Core Skills Motivated Willing to learn Self development Flexible attitude Interpersonal skills Sense of humour
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    Interpersonal Skills 4 detailed studies The interpersonal skills of the doctor were found to contribute more to patient satisfaction than the technical skills of the doctor and were considered to
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    Interpersonal skills Recognise value of criticism; Understand the perspective of the person criticising; Understand accurately the criticism – check out non verbal cues ...
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    Interpersonal Skills ... Barnsley Football Club - Pool Masterclass. Wakefield Art Gallery; Pontefract Castle + Positive Leisure eg. Kite making, Squash, Swimming, Golf, Art club etc etc ...
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    Relationships Basic Concepts 3 . Interpersonal relationship – a series of interactions between two individuals known to each other “Good” interpersonal relationship – one in which the interactions are
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    Interpersonal Relationships Interpersonal Relationships
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    Interpersonal Communications Interpersonal Communications
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    Ch. 2 An Interpersonal Communication Process Ch. 2: An Interpersonal Communication Process
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    Teach life and social skills, such as communication, goal setting, problem- Teach life and social skills, such as communication, goal setting, problem-solving techniques, stress management, refusal skills, and decision-making skills
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