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    The Swan-Ganz Catheter Prominent a waves: -mitral stenosis -LV systolic dysfunction -LV overload -Decreased LV compliance. Prominent v waves -mitral regurgitation
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    Acute Shortness of Breath ... of increased pressure prevents lymphatics from draining increased transudate (as low as 18mmHg) Causes: MI, Acute aortic valve regurg, acute mitral regurg, mitral stenosis ...
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    Mitral Valve Repair History . Mitral stenosis ; 1920 Closed mitral valvotomy (CMV) 1970 Open mitral commissurotomy ; Mitral valve reconstruction/ replacement ; Catheter-based ...
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    TRISOMY 21- DOWN SYNDROME ... Atrioventricular septal defect; VSD; Secundum ASD; PDA; Tetrology of Fallot; Mitral valve ... 5% of cases; Duodenal atresia or stenosis, sometimes assoc with annular pancreas in 2.5 ...
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    AORTIC STENOSIS ... type of AS today and the usual cause for aortic valve replacement; Shares common risk factors with mitral annular calcification; Risk factors for calcific aortic stenosis are ...
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    Statistical analysis One-way analysis of variance and Bonferroni post-test Statistical analysis: One-way analysis of variance and Bonferroni post-test, Mann Whitney test and Student’s t test. Infradiaphragmatic aortic stenosis
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    Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis Pyloric stenosis has been seen following ingestion of erythromycin given as pertussis prophylaxis or through breastmilk. Pyloric stenosis has also been ...

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