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    Open Fractures Osteomyelitis Prophylaxis . Use of antibiotics to decrease the rate of infection associated with a clean surgical procedure ; It will not eliminate operative infections
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    Pathogenesis of Gout ... Highly absorbable guanosine (purine in beer), augment the hyperuricemic effect of alcohol, producing a greater risk for gout than liquor or wine ...
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    Osteomyelitis Over 6 to 8 days on I.V. antibiotic therapy, patient became afebrile, leg tenderness subsided, less pain w/ ambulation. On 9th day patient switched to oral ...
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    Systemic Lupus Erythematosus SLE Mild cases: supportive care, aspirin, NSAIDs; Antimalarial drugs for skin and arthritic manifestations; Severe cases: high-dose corticosteroid, ...
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    OSTEOMALACIA OSTEOGÉNESIS IMPERFECTA (FRAGILIDAD OSEA) Hay 2: fetal, es grave y raro que lleguen a edad adulta. El desarrollo dentario puede verse perturbado en la forma fetal o ...
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