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    Negotiation Skills Principles for Success Negotiation Skills Principles for Success
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    Negotiation Skills Build friendly relationship. Characteristics:. Promote harmony. Avoid substantive differences. Give into pressure to save relationship ...
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    Negotiation - Task 1625 PowerPoint Presentation on Negotiation - Task 1625
    Downloads: 948
    international negotiation and international communication speaks about the negotiation difference between cross culture - Slides
    Downloads: 795
    Negotiation Strategies Cash terms; Extended warranty; Service / support ; Spare parts ... from external experiences. The sticker price of an automobile is an example of an anchor. When anchors are used ...
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    Presentation Skills ppt, Presentation Skill PowerPoint Slide Presentation Skills, Presentation Skills ppt, speaking in public, public speaking- Slides
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    Welcome and Introductions Core Skills Motivated Willing to learn Self development Flexible attitude Interpersonal skills Sense of humour
    Downloads: 1004
    Teach life and social skills, such as communication, goal setting, problem- Teach life and social skills, such as communication, goal setting, problem-solving techniques, stress management, refusal skills, and decision-making skills
    Downloads: 680
    Learning powerpoint on learning,learning ppt,learning skill ppt,learning skill powerpoint...- Slides
    Downloads: 458
    Program Structure Effective Communication and Presentation skills/Public Speaking skills , Time Management, Stress Management and an exclusive Empowering workshop for Ladies ...
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