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    Anatomy of the Female Pelvis Laterally, it passes to the centre of the acetabulum and the upper part of the greater sciatic notch. It is a round plane with diameter of 12.5 cm. ...
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    Testis and Spermatic Cord The anatomy and clinical anatomy of testis and spermatic cord- Slides
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    carcinoma breast surgical anatomy of breast & management of advanced carcinoma breast- Slides
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    biomechanics of spine deals with related anatomy & kinetics& kinematics spine - Slides
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    anatomy and physiology of liver ppt.file of anatomy and physiology by Dr.Adapa Subrahmanyam,cms,nepal.- Slides
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    Human Anatomy and Physiology Human Anatomy and Physiology
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    HB 160 Introduction to human anatomy Introduction HB 160 Introduction to human anatomy Introduction
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    Muscles of the Pelvic Floor Pelvic Diaphragm PD is is pierced by the rectum and urethra and vagina in females ; Region inferior to the pelvic diaphragm is the perineum
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    Pelvic Floor Anatomy Levator Ani Muscles. Pubococcygeus; Iliococcygeus; Puborectalis; Ischiococcygeus ... U-shaped, medial most located levator ani muscle; Pulls the anorectal ...
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    Brain Death Anatomy and Physiology Brain Death Anatomy and Physiology . Joel S. Cohen, M.D. Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology Albert Einstein College of Medicine
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