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    Philosophy of Education ... Who is general education for? The state or “society ... In this view, Nature has already indicated what the ... Body of Knowledge or Great Books curriculum. More ...
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    Philosophy of Education ... Mortimer Adler – organized the “great Books of ... students to live life and comply with society’s ... In addition to the five major philosophical orientations ...
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    Introduction to Philosophy Aesthetics. Political Philosophy. Philosophy of Religion. Philosophy of Mind. Philosophy of Science. Philosophy of Language. Philosophy of Mathematics ...
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    Carl Jung A. Approach to human psychology emphasized understanding the psyche through exploring the world of dreams, art, mythology, world religion and philosophy ...
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    GROUP TECHNOLOGY and CELLULAR MANUFACTURING SYST Group technology (GT) is a manufacturing philosophy in which similar parts are identified and grouped together to take advantage of their similarities in ...
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    Adult Education adult continuing education,adult education,adult education center,adult education classes,adult education programs,adult education school,adult learning education- Slides
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    Importance of education education, global education, education for everyone, importance of education, literacy - Slides

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