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    Postpartum Hemorrhage PPH overdistention of the uterine (hydramnios, multiple pregnancy, macrosomia ) condition that interfere with contraction(leiomyomas) complications(PIH,anaemia, placenta ...
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    Aetiology of preterm labour ... causes (ie. infection, abruption placenta, placenta praevia). Amongst these organic factors, multiple pregnancies play an important role (slide 5). ...
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    Cesarean Section on Demand Antepartum bleeding/placental abruption: 641.x, 656.0 ... Placenta abruption 50% more likely; Increased stillbirth rate; Uterine rupture: 90 times more ...
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    Management of The third stage of labour Expectant management of the third stage of labour . Delayed umbilical cord clamping; Aid of gravity to deliver the placenta; Early nipple stimulation
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    Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn IgG cross the placenta; Rh-D, ABO, Kell; RhIg, used as a prevention; Can be fatal; Maternal assays, ... Rh, ABO maternal autoimmune hemolytic anemia ...
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    Fetal Membranes amp Placenta The amniotic cavity is filled with a clear, watery fluid that is produced by amniotic cells but is derived primarily from maternal blood. Amount – ...

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