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Downloads: 380
Introduction to MIS Executive information system; Business planning and budgeting ... Plant maintenance; Structuring technical systems; Maintenance ... Introduction to MIS . 45 . Cases: Automobile Industry
Downloads: 1483
Hour 2 ERP Modules Plant Maintenance. PM. Quality Management. QM. Production Planning MRPII (with others) ... Automobile. Chemicals. Aerospace and Defense. Process Manufacturing ...
Downloads: 892
Power plant introduction and Steam power plant Power plant introduction and Steam power plant- Slides
Downloads: 317
Plant Pathology Introduction; Damage caused by plant pests; Plant Disease ID; Plant Pathology; Nematodes. Plant Pathology Introduction. Plant diseases are important to ...
Downloads: 326
Performance Analysis of Power Plant Condensers Performance Analysis of Power Plant Condensers
Downloads: 412
Hydro electric power plant Hydro electric power plant- Slides
Downloads: 455
Plant Hormones Plant Hormones
Downloads: 474
Geography/Land Climate/Weather Animal life Plant life A Description of Geography/Land: Climate/Weather: Animal life: Plant life: A Description of the Desert:
Downloads: 601
Plant Germplasm Conservation Plant Germplasm Conservation
Downloads: 816
Gas turbine power plant Gas turbine power plant- Slides
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